We offer a range of services to help you identify common ground, reach agreement and  chart a way forward, wherever and whenever  you need it. 

Workplace & Employment

It is not uncommon for workplace relationships to break down. Often this can have a major effect on the colleagues and those around them. Mediation is a way of resolving matters without the time and expense of more formal solutions

Business & Commercial

Mediation can assist businesses and organisations to manage and resolve disputes or differences quickly and effectively whether the issue is with directors, customers or suppliers


Community & Neighbour

Disputes often occur when communication  breaks down between parties and the situation escalates. Mediation can be a way of re-establishing communication and resolving disputes, allowing the community and neighbours to come back together again 


Housing & Property

  • Mediation services are often helpful when there is an issue between private rented sector landlords and tenants and tenant associations. Mediation can help in situations where there is dispute is about financial arrangements or repairs or helping a tenants association to come to agreement .

Family Relationship

Family breakdown can be very upsetting and see relationships undergo tremendous strain.Family mediation supports parents, children and family members through family change and disruption. 
 Importantly it can help maintain ongoing relationships.

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