An impartial, confidential and professional service to help those seeking resolution.

Mediation Exchange can offer mediation in a variety of areas including in the workplace and other organisations, in the community and in families.  We believe that well - timed intervention can often help resolve issues quickly and prevent them escalating to court or to a more formal procedure.

How Can Mediation Help You ?

Mediation provides a "safe space" to help the people involved in a dispute, talk about the issues and hopefully reach a mutual agreement which will allow them to move forward. 

Our qualified Mediators are impartial, independent and non- judgemental and can help parties explore the issues and find a solution.

Mediation can be a quick, cost effective and less stressful process than more formal routes of dispute resolution and, in some cases, can enable on going relationships to be maintained.

You can use mediation to resolve a variety issues in professional or personal life, including: 

  • Neighbour and community disputes
  • Relationship and family disputes
  • Personality clashes in a work team
  • Disagreement between Directors
  • Disagreement between board members or volunteers in an organisation
  • Helping employees to move on after grievance or disciplinary
  • Disagreement between an educational establishment and a student or between colleagues

For more information, or to ask any questions about mediation, don't hesitate to get in touch with Margaret.

Statement of Privacy

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